Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mormonism's Failure to Honor Christ—Oopsie!

LDS, Inc., may be smarting from the Republican Party’s rejection of Mitt Romney as its presidential candidate, even though Mitt’s political record was hardly conservative.

I personally found it amusing that Mitt wanted people to trust in his values and moral character which he said were founded upon his Mormon faith; yet he firmly rejected inquiry into the Mormon faith itself.

There is a good reason Mitt objected to questions about his Mormon faith. An investigation of Mormonism beyond the surface reveals a religion that bears almost no resemblance to Christianity and was, instead, founded on the strange beliefs of Joseph Smith. And the LDS Church doesn’t want such information to become public knowledge.

As a matter of fact, my studies of Mormonism reveal that the LDS Church attacks Christianity (1) in its scripture, (2) through the writings of its General Authorities/apologetic groups, and (3) through its missionary army.

This month one LDS magazine (the Ensign) seems to be working on the LDS public image because the entire issue is devoted to the LDS Jesus [a different Jesus from the Christ of Christianity]. It even boasts a glitzy cover featuring a matte image of the LDS Jesus. This issue is very much illustrative of the Mormon persona – put an expensive cover on the LDS faith, hoping people will look no further. With the words "Jesus Christ" in the name of the LDS Church and an entire issue of the Ensign devoted to Christ, who could doubt that Mormons are Christians....right?

Wrong! Despite all the glitz and gimmicks, Mormons fail to honor Christ as God.

One Bible verse (John 5:23) requires that Christians honor Christ just as they honor the Father, and Christians do so wholeheartedly and with great joy because our faith is Solus Christus. But Mormons deny Christ such honor, refusing to pray to Him or worship him directly. Note that the verse states that the person who does NOT honor the Son just as s/he honors the Father likewise fails to honor the Father!